There are a number of reasons your Moocall calving sensor could be slipping off.

Firstly, if you don't yet have the new red rubber, you can find them on our website:

If you have the older grey rubber for the device, the ratchet may need an extra click or two to fasten more firmly on the tail.

You can tell if it is tight enough by the bumps on the rubber; they should be compressed to about a third to a half height.

Dairy cattle tend to have thinner tails so farmers with these animals need to be especially vigilant.

The new red rubber for the Moocall calving sensor is adjustable.

However, if the strap overlaps, tailor it to your herd by removing one or both of the removable strips.

For further information please contact our office on one of the telephone numbers below:

IRL 01 969 6038
UK 0203 627 1126
US  1-800-657-4291
France +33 09 70 73 43 77
Germany +49 3222 109/5533
Norway +47 23 96 26 55
ROW +353 1 96 96 038

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