Unfortunately the Moocall calving sensor does not contain a GPS function. The best chance of finding your sensor would be with the use of a metal detector or by using the LED light as a guide once it has become dark outside. It has been known that a dog will pick them up quite quickly if let loose in the area the sensor has been lost. 

If you believe that you will not be able to locate your sensor we can offer you a replacement at less than half price. Please note that it is very rare that a Moocall cannot be found.

Please contact our office on one of the numbers below so we can assist you further:
IRL 01 969 6038
UK 0203 627 1126
US  1-800-657-4291
France +33 09 70 73 43 77
Germany +49 3222 109/5533
Norway +47 23 96 26 55
ROW +353 1 96 96 038

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