The Moocall calving sensor is a tail mounted motion sensor that measures tail movement.

When a cow gets a contraction her tail will behave in a specific way. The algorithm detects this specific tail movement while being able to filter out any normal tail movement. The length and intensity of these contractions are measured. 

Approximately 600 pieces of data are gathered every second. Once they satisfy the algorithm and reach a certain threshold the first high activity alert is triggered.

If they continue then the second high activity alert is sent. These alerts come in the form of SMS , email and mobile app notification. We try to detect the shift from mid to late labour so usually you will get one hours notice. 

However, we are dealing with nature and not all labours are the same so sometimes you will get less notice (fast labour) usually seen in older cows or experienced easy calving dairy bred cows.

Other times you will get lots of advance warning (difficult labour, complications, cow gives up labour etc) usually seen in situations where a leg may be stuck or the calf is presenting backwards. 

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