To determine how many Moocall calving sensors you need to consider your herd-size and calving pattern.

We normally recommend one sensor for a herd size of 30-40 cows. This will be dependent on your calving pattern (A 50 cow herd calving year-round differs greatly to one calving over 12 weeks!) and how you plan on managing your sensor.

For example a lot of our farmers operating a very tight calving spread would find the Moocall most useful at the beginning and end of calving once numbers have slackened off. In this situation a farmer may only need 1 or 2 sensors.

If managed effectively the sensor can pick up circa 6 calvings per week as it can be moved straight on to the next cow due to calve. The long battery life of 30 plus days helps to facilitate this.

If you would like further advice on the correct number of units for your particular farm please give our team a call on one of the below telephone numbers:

IRL 01 969 6038
UK 0203 627 1126
US  1-800-657-4291
France +33 09 70 73 43 77
Germany +49 3222 109/5533
Norway +47 23 96 26 55
ROW +353 1 96 96 038

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