A quick overview to show you how to set up, use and maintain your new Moocall device.

  1. Register device at moocall.com/register

  2. Charge the sensor. A solid blue light indicates that charging is in progress. A solid green light indicates that the sensor is fully charged.

  3. Turn on the sensor by pressing the power button. The LED light will flash red, green and blue for 1 minute and then the blinking blue light will indicate that the sensor is ready for use.

  4. Perform SMS test by pressing the power button twice. LED will change from blue to green and confirmation text should come through.

  5. To open the ratchet system, simply lift the ratchet paddle, and push all the way to the left to release the toothed strap.

  6. Customise the red rubber liner for your herd by cutting at selected points to suit the tail size on your farm.

  7. When your cow is due to calf, simply place the sensor on the tail opposite the vulva. Feed the toothed strap through the ratchet.

  8. Close the ratchet and the Moocall door to lock the ratchet in place. Then, pull on the toothed strap to tighten.  Check that the sensor is secure by pulling it downwards on the tail. If it slides, pull the toothed strap an extra notch or two until you have achieved a proper fit.

You can download the Moocall Calving Sensor Userguide here: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0889/4516/files/CS_UserGuide_16_JAN_19_BEFORE_PT_FLAG_CHANGE.pdf?297

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