If you find you are getting some false alarms on occasion when you bring the cows and the bull into the yard or a holding pen together, you can create exclusion zones. 

The way this works is we allow you to create exclusion tags, and any time these tags are read by the collar, it resets everything for an hour. So when the bull is in the proximity of an exclusion zone, he will not pick up any heats. 

In practice the best way to use exclusion tags is to put them up in an area you might be holding the bull with a cow. Examples of this would be; holding a cow in with the bull waiting for an AI technician, or holding the bull with some other cows for illness/testing. 

Since these tags affect our detection algorithm, it’s important they are placed away from where the bull will normally be with the cows. Use your own intuition when it comes to tag placement, in a holding pen bordering a field, be mindful and place the tags away from the field side of the pen. The collar can read a tag from any direction up to a distance of about 2.5 meters. 

Tag position

The collar uses radio frequency to interact with the tags, so there are some factors to consider when placing tags:

  • Allow 5-10cm between the tag and any metal materials such as gates

  • The tag should hang vertically so the Moocall logo reads vertically

The simplest way to do this is by using a plastic material like a string or cable tie to allow the tag to hand freely by the loop.

Please note your tags will look like regular green Moocall RFID ear tags. Any ear tag can be used to create an exclusion tag. 

To add an exclusion tag:

  1. Open the Breedmanager app

  2. Open the sidebar menu, select exclusion zones

  3. Scan an ear tag and make sure to keep it set aside as an exclusion tag. 

  4. Hang the ear tag in your holding pen, away from the field. 

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