The Moocall Breedmanager app tells you a lot about what's going on in your Moocall Calving sensor.
When you have your sensor all synced up to your app, all of the data lives in the 'MyMoocall' menu.

At the bottom of the MyMoocall menu you will see three icons. They are:

  • Devices: Devices shows you all your device information.

  • Notifications: This shows you your notification information.

  • Phones: This shows you which phones are connected to your device.


At the top of the devices menu, there are a series of numbers and symbols. Here's what they mean:

MC followed by a letter and a series of numbers: This is your unique MC code which every Moocall Calving Sensor device has.

Green/Orange circle: how long your device has been active/inactive for

Chip: software version

Grey bar: battery charge level

The next thing you will see is the devices you have connected. This tells you:

  • The name of your device.

  • If your device is in service.

  • When your warranty expires.

  • When your service expires.


The notifications menu shows you all the alerts your Moocall calving sensor device has given, with a date and time.


Your phones menu tells you which phone numbers are attached to your Moocall devices, and which ones are currently set up to receive SMS alerts.
Each Moocall device can send SMS alerts to 2 phone numbers at any one time.
If you need to add a new number At the bottom-right of the screen you can add

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