As well as cows, heifers and calves, you can add bulls into the Moocall Breedmanager app.

You can add them the way you add any other animal in the Breedmanager app, by pressing 'add animal', and filling out the form.

What you'll be doing differently here, is selecting bull under the Type heading.

When you do this you will be asked to select a Beef bull, Breeding bull, AI straw bull or Vasectomised bull.

Once you've registered them, they are slightly more hidden away than your ladies.

Here's how you find them:

If you go to Herd Overview, you will find a Bulls menu telling you how many bulls you have.

Press into it and a menu will open with a list of all of your bulls.

You can then filter this menu by Breeding Bulls, AI Straw Bulls, and Vasectomised Bulls.

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