As well as helping you manage your herd, the Breedmanager app lets you tell everyone about it.

The 'ask the community' section is a social network dedicated to farmers where they can share their experience of Moocall and throw questions out into the ether. Here's how you use it:

1: Open the Moocall Breedmanager app.

2: Open the menu by tapping the three horizontal lines in the top left corner.

3: Press Ask The Community.

4: Press Add Post. 

5: Write a caption in the field, and select a category in the top right corner.

6: From here you can:

  • a. Press the camera icon on the bottom left to take a photograph, or

  • b. Press the photo frame icon at the bottom in the middle to choose an existing photo from your gallery.

7: Press Save.

Voila! You've shared a post with the Moocall Breedmanager community!

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